Letters to the Editor for October 23, 2019

The other side wants power and control

Replacing current politicians is only part of the solution to fix our government. All the lifelong, un-elected bureaucrats in charge of every agency and government office also need to be replaced as well. Otherwise we will have a repeat of the current situation whereupon the people elect a president and the swamp dwellers try to thwart any meaningful change to the waste and fraud going on.

The liberal left has worked hard to create this situation in our government as well as our education system. Just look at the words of those who claim to be tolerant and inclusive in their letters to the editor and guest columns. Do they sound tolerant or inclusive? Hardly!

Many may not like the tactics of our current president but he is working to make things better for all citizens in this country, not just one political party. Can we say the same for those on the left? They preach tolerance and inclusiveness but in their columns and letters betray these beliefs. Their real idols are power and control. Please vote responsibly and think of the future generations and the direction this country should go.

David G. Knighton

Carson City

Those peddlers of disinformation

Bill Johnson, you seem to have proven your supported claim with your own diatribe. My compliments to you on faulty research. By the way, Socrates was not the author of that quote you stated.

No, Socrates did not call slander the “tool of losers.” There is no evidence that Socrates ever said that. Fact, Socrates did not write anything himself, he relied on others. Plato and Xenophon wrote about Socrates and slander but not in the context of lost debates. Socrates believed those who slandered him hated philosophy and truth, but he did not call them losers.

Middle school essayists and yes, you, Mr. Johnston, love to start with a good philosophical quote, but this supposed Socratic saying originates from the Internet, not from a textbook. I rate your claim “Pants on Fire!” What you attribute to Socrates is often used by Anti-Vaxers (those that believe vaccinations are harmful), and other peddlers of disinformation.

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City

Names missing from golf team photo

Shame on you, Nevada Appeal, for not letting your readers know the names of the other four young ladies in the picture of Carson High’s girls’ golf team on Page 20 of Saturday’s paper. Even though golf is an individual sport, they are teammates of Ms. Beglin and should be acknowledged as such.

Years from now, they may show this picture to their kids and grandkids, but nowhere will all the names of the golf team be listed.

Steve McGoff

Carson City

Carson City Emblem Club tournament a success

We want to thank everyone who bowled in our tournament at Gold Dust West on Oct. 20. Thanks to all who donated raffle prizes, especially JM Furniture and all of our Emblem members.

Thank you,

Karen Ferreira, chairman, and Linda Wilson, co-chairman

Carson City Emblem Club #507


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