Nevada Appeal at 150: July 1, 1921: Predict breaking of record on Reno-Carson road today

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.

Predict breaking of record on Reno-Carson road today

Persons who have followed closely the reports on the 1,000-mile road race to end at Reno today anticipate some fast driving between Carson City and the riverside city. It is claimed that the record run between the two cities was made in 1917 by L. E. Gilcrease, who is credited with having driven a Hudson car over the course in 46 minutes. None of the road was paved at that time, and it is predicted by some that in spite of detours the time today will be about 40 minutes. It is possible, of course. It is also probable that any car reaching Reno 40 minutes after its departure from Carson will be most sadly in need of much attention at a repair shop.

It is generally admitted that the condition of the road on the east side of Washoe Lake, which will be followed by the racers, is in wretched condition much of the way, and it is an indisputable fact that at least one of the detours around the sections being paved is in condition that beggars description. It will be inviting disaster to attempt speeding at many places on the detours. They are passable, it is true, but they are not provided for the accommodation of drivers of racing cars and are not maintained as units of a ‘round-the-state speedway.

The ordinary driver who is at all careful in the handling of his car feels that he has made good time indeed if he makes the trip between the two cities in about an hour and a half over what an editor of the eastern part of the state has dubbed the “divorce highway.” The driver that today goes from Carson to Reno in 40 minutes merits a medal for skill and his car will have withstood the test of tests for a motor vehicle.


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