Faith & Insight: Find God’s plan and share it

Defeated, the man gave up and set down the jar. He was the last of many who had tried and failed to assemble a functioning clock by simply shaking the jar which contained timepiece components.

He came to the conclusion a simply designed clock could not be assembled by chance, no matter how long he shook the jar. Had he succeeded in accomplishing the impossible, he would have received $1 million from the jar’s owner.

After this modern dramatization of William Paley’s apologetic, the owner of the jar smiled and then explained the impossibility. A clock cannot design and assemble itself. He questioned the defeated man, “Can you believe that out of nothing, the amazing universe created itself — without design or designer? Can you believe that life was quickened from dead matter by chance? Can you believe that all life evolved from a simple cell? Can you believe that the intricate human body, with its built-in systems and the complex human brain are only products of mindless, random chance?”

The man replied, “Where there is a design, there must be a designer. I don’t have enough blind faith to be an unbeliever!”

God is the great designer and creator. The Bible includes his blueprint for life. Read it. Find Christ, and allow him to put your life together. Begin to live — really live! Find God’s plan and share it.

Let’s not leave this generation to chance. No matter how much our world leaders shake things up, they will never assemble a peaceful and loving world apart from Christ.

Ken Haskins is pastor of First Christian Church in Carson City.


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