Letters to the editor for Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cottonwood gone, only memory left

As I sit at the pool today, I hear the buzz of a chain saw. I look out the giant windows of the Carson Aquatic Facility and realize that they are cutting down a tree. Another swimmer makes a passing comment, “I remember that tree from third grade.” This makes me think, the city isn’t just cutting down trees, it’s cutting down memories.

I do understand why they need to cut some of our big cottonwoods down, but that doesn’t make the pain any less. The tree, of course, is the one that stood for years guarding the entrance to Mills Park, just off of Roop Street. As I look outside now, I see people taking pictures of the old tree and realize that everyone has some type of attachment to it.

With each buzz of the chain saw, I think about all the history that is being cut into. The giant tree is now gone, in its place a stump, only a memory of what once was.

Caleb Schadeck

Carson City

Shameful Heller signed letter of 47

It’s absolutely shameful that our own Sen. Heller signed the “letter of 47” sent to Iran’s leaders.

The very act of senators signing and sending this letter around President Obama during high end negotiations including our Secretary of State, European leaders, China and Russia is nearly treasonous, certainly unprecedented, and totally uncalled for.

Was a predicted snow storm in Washington really a deadline to sign on? Did such a trashy communication really need to be sent to a perennial Republican enemy? Is this the new Republican Senate leadership we have to live with?

It’s not too early to think about change —­ changing from Dean Heller to a thoughtful, working senator at the end of his current term. What we need is a woman or man who deserves the title of U. S. Senator.

Mr. Heller has totally failed the test of representing all of Nevada in an honorable manner.

Wendell Newman

Carson City


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