Letters to the Editor for Oct. 27, 2018

East Linear Ditch Trail reopen

Congratulations to Carson City Parks and Recreation for completing the repairs to the East Linear Ditch Trail. It’s back in use after being closed for several months. Unfortunately, there has been no news as to the reopening of the trail and many of the frequent users of the trail have not yet returned. It’s time to get the news out. Again, thanks to Parks and Recreation.

Bob Hilderbrand

Carson City

Farmer’s column was spot on

Every voter in the state should be required to show a copy of Guy’s column before they vote to prove that they have enough information to vote. Guy Farmer cuts through the lies, smoke and outright false information. He cuts right to the heart of the election. If all voters followed Guy’s advice Nevada and the county would come out great. Never have I seen one person using one column in a newspaper, cut through 6 months of lies and smoke and lay the truth in a clear and simple manner.

George Frazier

Carson City

Slow the crap down

So, I have had a keister full of the crappy, rude, inconsiderate, self-centered drivers in this town! If you are driving faster than 25 mph in a residential area, you should have left for your destination earlier! If you are driving Northridge Drive faster than 25 mph to drop your kid off at the Boys & Girls Clubs or Mark Twain Elementary School, you should have left for your destination earlier! If you are headed north on Retail Way turning right onto College Parkway and you can’t/don’t stop for the pedestrian and her dog, crossing College Parkway, you should have left for your destination earlier! In other words, you are a crappy planner, and a lack of planning on your part, should not constitute a dangerous situation for me and my dog! It just means that you are a sphincter aperture and need to get your head out of it! Stop at red lights and stop signs! Use your turn signals! And for craps sake, slow the crap down!

Hope Tingle

Carson City

Earth Has a Fever

Our planet has a fever. It’s a fact that the average temperature of Earth is rising. We may differ in our opinions about the cause of the fever, but we need to act now to keep the fever from getting worse.

Thomas Heller of the Climate Policy Initiative says that, “each day a billion dollars is invested worldwide in concrete actions to fight climate change.”

Other countries have listened to the scientists. India, for example, is a global leader in renewable energy. Brazil is making progress in reducing deforestation and encouraging sustainable agriculture.

“Both India and Brazil have national funds to finance climate change activities and policies or mechanisms to encourage renewable energy,” according to the University of Oxford.

What are we doing in the U.S.?

What are we investing as a nation?

Fight for our Earth.

Call or write Senator Heller and Congressman Amodei and ask what the U.S. government is doing.

Nancy Scott

Carson city


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