Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015

What’s legal and what’s right

So, auctioning an animal for an unrelated charitable event is legal? According to the dentist that recently killed the lion in Africa he thought that was legal as well.

What is the number of “dangerous” bears euthanized here? What is the number of “dangerous” people still alive here?

Perhaps legality does not apply in all cases. Perhaps just because “it’s the law” doesn’t mean it’s right. Perhaps that is one reason why the law is constantly reviewed on a regular basis.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City

More 9/11 coverage from Appeal needed

The front page article so deserving on Army soldier Jason Disney Sr. on Sept. 11 was amazing. Any soldier who dies for our country should always be front page news, and, yes, there was mention of 9/11 in that article.

Friday’s Sept. 11 paper on the front page could have done a better job providing readers far more information what happened that horrific day 14 years ago. There wasn’t even an image of the American Flag with In Remembrance 09/11/01, a photo of the Twin Towers before or after, Pentagon, etc. The information in that day’s paper was kind of buried, and at least the memorial event held that day at Mills Park should have been front page news. I’ll explain why I am disappointed.

For the first time in my 4-year-old son’s life, I told him what happened on 9/11. Simply put that some very bad people took four planes and crashed them into very important buildings, killing thousands of innocent people. He asked more questions, and I went to my computer, not our local paper, to show him or read to him appropriate images and videos of the events on 09/11/01, as it’s my responsibility as a parent to educate my children on historical events.

I am just disappointed. Our paper could have done a better job.

Vicki Reifer

Carson City


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