Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018

‘Vote for thinking, balanced people’

The survival of democracy depends on people who will stand up for the truth and for tolerance. There are facts and they do matter.

Please send a message to Washington in this election that we want leaders who respect the truth and believe in the goodness of people. As Susan Stornetta said in her commentary on Wednesday, “VOTE, vote for thinking, balanced people. Vote for women and minorities... Choose people who are civil, honest, intelligent and fair-minded.”

Midge Breeden

Carson City

Helicopter over jet flyover a disappointment

Was the helicopter our wonderful jet flyover replacement again this year? What a shameful disappointment for our state Capital. I assume Las Vegas had a great event with at least several jets. I was very happy that a least we had a great show of our local people with their balloons.

Glenn Bush

Carson City

Booing uncalled for during parade

I marched in the Nevada Day parade with one of the Democratic groups. I was saddened at the amount of boos, curses, and vitriol hurled at us from the crowd. This level of hatred right here in Carson City followed our country’s horrifying week of violence against Democrats, African Americans, and Jewish people. When will this stop? What will it take to stop it?

Lucy DuPertuis

Carson City

Legal prostitution is not evil

The people who want to ban legal prostitution in Lyon County think prostitution is evil. They do not know what evil is. Prostitution is not evil.

Instead, simply put, those people who want to ban the brothels believe prostitution is not in order with their view of the way things should be.

We should be fearful of what other things these people think is not in order with the way things should be especially if they get their way on passing Lyon County Question 1.

Let’s refute them and vote no to maintain legal prostitution as the order of things in Nevada as we’ve done for well over 100 years.

Will Walter


Washington is already corrupt

Isn’t it enough Washington is so corrupt? Do we really need more corruption and lies. We already have one big liar and he is president. I am surprised his nose hasn’t grown. Ask your is this what we really want? What happened to being honest and caring for people in need?

Ruth Berg

Carson City


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