The Popcorn Stand: Things we can do without

In another form and time when doing this Popcorn Stand I would list things we could do without in sports and in society as a whole. I decided it’s time to bring back that list featuring things we could do without:

Al Michaels not so vaguely referring to the point spread at the end of a Sunday Night Football telecast. Once again at the end of the Houston Texans-Indianapolis Colts game, Michaels made a reference to the game being “over in more ways than one.”

We get it Al. The first time you did this, it was pretty cute. The millionth time, not so much. Even though Michaels still seems to think he’s clever when he does this.

The debates. Thank goodness they’re over.

The promos for the debates. I don’t know if CNN was promoting the third and final debate or a boxing match. CNN kept referring to it as round 3.

Candy corn. To those who actually like candy corn, I’m sorry, but who came up with this stuff? Getting candy corn when you go trick or treating is like getting socks for Christmas.

Socks for Christmas.

Christmas commercials in October and people already writing about Christmas. Oops!

The ominous sounding announcers in campaign commercials who make anything sound bad. “Such and such candidate loves apple pie. Who loves apple pie?”

People who write about things we can do without.

Oops again!

— Charles Whisnand


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