The Popcorn Stand: What happened to Generation Y?

This old fuddy, duddy who’s actually apparently a Generation Xer doesn’t know when it happened, but it appears we do now have the next generation, Generation Z.

Apparently if you’re in your early 20s or younger you’re part of Generation Z, although of course those in their early 20s I suppose could be considered Millennials. Especially those guys in their early 20s who wear man buns.

And I still really don’t know what generation I’m in as I’ve also been lumped into the Baby Boom generation and referred to as a Baby Buster, but apparently the Baby Buster generation isn’t a generation at all.

Generally speaking, high school students getting ready to go to college are considered Generation Z. But what happened to Generation Y? Actually I’ve been told Millennials are Generation Y.

I also know Generation Xers really like to look down on Millennials. I know the greatest generation of all, the Greatest Generation, has the right to look down on all of us but they really don’t as they just pretty much set the example for all of us on how, well, how to lead by example.

Of course memes and emojis (which to this old fuddy, duddy is just a fancy term for sticker) are about as routine with Generation Z as looking up a phone number in the phone book was in my day. I’m still getting used to all this stuff. When somebody offers to give me their phone number I actually still ask for a pen and paper which brings on a look of like what planet are you from.

And apparently with Generation Z, sayings like what planet are you from are going by the wayside. Nowadays, Generation Zers (is that what you call them?) send a “confused math lady” meme which to my understanding is the equivalent of saying what planet are you from.

So here’s to Generation Z, the next generation. (Translation to Generation Zers, I just sent you a happy face emoji thingy).

— Charles Whisnand


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