Cheers & Kudos: Kudos to Smith’s employees for exemplary conduct

Brrrrrr ... it might be cold here in Carson City, but our wonderful residents are so warm and caring, we can hardly feel the cold. One of our local supermarkets, Smith’s on William Street, must hire only the most fantastic and honest employees.

Here are a few examples:

A lady left her purse in a shopping cart (printed in the Nevada Appeal); a Smith’s employee retrieved it and returned it to her.

A friend of mine had just cashed a $400 check and did some shopping. He placed the cash in his folder and upon checking out left the folder at the check-out stand. He called the store and was told they had it. Everything was intact, including the $400. Again, another employee’s honesty.

As part of my volunteer work, I took a client to Smith’s to shop. She is a lovely lady. She is on oxygen and has several other health problems. She swiped her debit card and it was declined. After several more attempts, it came back that she was short $16.05. We, as volunteers, cannot lend nor borrow monies or we will be fired on the spot. My client asked Richard, the checker, if he would hold her purchases so she could go home and get the cash. He said he couldn’t and proceeded to take out his money clip and pay for her purchases. How great is that?

Yes, I will continue singing the praises of this wonderful community I live in and kudos to Smith’s for its foresight in hiring these compassionate people.

Ceil Jones

Carson City


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