Letters to the Editor for October 9, 2019

New restaurant inspection system worse than old

A recent letter to the editor criticized the new restaurant inspection rating system. I also have a problem with the new system. Nearly all restaurants get an A grade even though many of them have a long list of deficiencies and many deficiency points. It should be noted that each deficiency point is designated as some level of high risk. How can a restaurant have as many as 10 high risk deficiency points and still be considered excellent with an A grade? A recent Health Inspection report in the Appeal listed 36 restaurants as having been inspected and every one of them got an A grade. It is best to ignore the letter grade when reading the inspection reports or when a restaurant displays this grade.

It appears as though restaurants are generally getting much better health inspection ratings than they did under the old system. Evidently this is a small example of Adam Smith’s concern and warning that private business could and would have an undue influence on government for its own benefit and to the detriment of the public good.

I was a critic of the old rating system. But now we have a rating system that is even worse than the previous one.

Randy Grossmann

Carson City

Capitalism makes you a better person

It is said that all people are born equal. That should be true in the eyes of the law.

People, however, are born with very different traits and skills. The one trait all are born with is the desire to improve their lot in life. The desire to live a more rewarding life.

Socialism suppresses this trait by pushing people to mediocrity and equality of outcome. Capitalism allows this trait to naturally seek maximum potential with rewards for success.

Some level of inequality is a result along with a higher level of general prosperity and a more rapid advancement of civilization.

Larry Messina

Carson City


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