Letters to the Editor for October 26, 2019

Seniors need help

Seniors who are home bound need rides for medical treatment, groceries, hair appointments, help with household chores and someone just to talk with. You can help by volunteering.

Seniors In Service (SIS), Senior Outreach Services (SOS) and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) are organizations that provide these services. They all have waiting lists of seniors who need assistance.

To volunteer, contact Sina Ward at SOS 784-7506, Mary Brock at SIS 358-2322 in Reno and Sandy Servance at RSVP in Carson City 687-4680 extension 6.

Volunteering is very rewarding, and seniors and vets are very appreciative.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City

What has Trump done for middle class?

It appears David G. Knighton is attempting to make a point(s), however he is conflating several unrelated thoughts endeavoring to appear coherent, and he failed. On a positive note I do agree with his last sentence. “Please vote responsibly and think of the future generations and the direction this country should go.”

The world we live in is governed by laws and rules. It is evident our current government is being led by an individual that has never learned to obey law and order. We (USA) are akin to a ship adrift on seas of uncertainties, chaos, mismanagement, and continuous staff turnovers.

The people did not elect our president; this was done by the Electoral College. Fact, Hillary Clinton received almost 3 million more votes (65,853,514 to 62,984,828) in the general election than Trump, giving Clinton the popular vote.

Your comment regarding “all lifelong, un-elected bureaucrats... need to be replaced” is all encompassing, in other words; “let’s throw out the good with the bad.” Many of these bureaucrats are dedicated, lifelong employees that have proven themselves in the heat of battle. Bureaucracies by nature are inefficient. The problem rests at the top with failed leadership or the lack of any leadership.

It is so easy to state “the liberal dems or the conservative right” did this and did that. These statements are flawed major generalizations. Name calling will solve nothing.

You stated “…he is working hard to make things better for all citizens in this country.” Yet the verifiable, quantifiable numbers and deeds vastly show the opposite. As partial proof I make mention of his tax break for the middle class was anything but — the upper 1 percent, mostly millionaires, benefited on the shoulders of those who could least afford it. Agriculture and industries suffered due to misguided tariffs. What has the president done about our nation’s health and drug costs? What has he done to specifically make the life of a typical middle class citizen better?

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City


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