Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

Lower speed limit best solution for Quail Run

I have noticed three letters published in the Appeal concerning the entrances and exits to Quail Run, communities in which I live. I write “communities” because Quail Run has a community that has an entrance and exit off of Saliman, and another one off of Fairview, named Bob White. There is a fence separating the communities, so one cannot go from the Bob White community off of Fairview to the one off of Saliman without exiting one and entering the other on Saliman.

The solution, I believe, most amenable to the residents, guests and service vehicles would be to lower the speed limit on Fairview from 35 mph to 25 mph from the intersection of Saliman and Fairview to somewhere midway towards Roop to the west. The traffic barreling west on Fairview from the freeway can be daunting at times, and treacherous if one is not prepared to sit and wait to safely turn left into Quail Run, or to safely turn left onto Fairview going East. I think if elderly people such as myself can remain alert and aware, we could be safer with the clearly posted lower speed limit. If one cannot be alert and aware, they should be passengers and not drivers!

Shannon McRae

Carson City

Reid’s propaganda broadcast in interview

Your front page “interview” with Sen. Harry Reid on Dec. 6 was no more than a transcription of his political propaganda, including mendacious smears of his political enemies and dark mutterings about “obstructionism.”

Your reporter might have probed a bit deeper about the propriety of the party that bribed Obamacare through on a party-line vote trashing a Senate rule created by Thomas Jefferson 225 years ago. Your interviewer also might have asked Reid to expand on his comments earlier that week that Obama’s 39 repetitions of “if you like your plan, you can keep it” didn’t apply because health insurance companies change everyone’s plans periodically. Except, of course, they don’t. Nor was your reporter at all curious about Reid exempting his staff from the Obamacare mandate, which he has sanctimoniously called “the law of the land,” a law that his staff is evidently too high and mighty to live under. And how could any real journalist not ask Reid, a trained attorney, why he wasn’t criminally liable for pocketing illegal campaign contributions that put his good friend Harvey Whittemore in prison?

How many more scandals and dirty political tricks does Reid get a free pass on before the media starts doing their job?

Lynn Muzzy



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