Letters to the editor for Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013

Furry ambassador of Kings Canyon passes

We had in our midst an amiable ambassador named Rocky. An Alaskan Malamute who resided at the top of Kings Canyon, Rocky was well known in his neighborhood, spreading goodwill as he visited neighbors and enjoying long walks with his family. While his size was impressive at about 185 pounds, he was a gentle giant.

Rocky was such a friendly and beloved dog that he often had his picture taken with the neighbors’ families and with total strangers for their Christmas cards. He especially loved walking in the Nevada Day parade with his owner, posing for countless photos with children along the route.

Rocky recently passed away, but his memory and the joy and love he shared with all he met will live on.

Sandy Quilici

Carson City

Comstock Mining plan isn’t a ‘revitalization’

The Lyon County Planning Commission on Dec. 10 denied a request by Comstock Mining to change the Master Plan and zoning in Silver City. The Master Plan provides guidance for elected officials to understand the desires of their constituents.

The Master Plan states that the “Guiding principles, goals and policies are based on public comments gathered in a series of open houses and workshops held in communities throughout Lyon County, in meetings with community advisory councils, and on comments and direction provided by the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.”

The residents of this community worked diligently to ensure that the needs and distinct character of their town were preserved. Comstock Mining has other ideas for our community and are “keen to explore the possibilities” as CEO Corrado De Gasperis stated. The reality is that Comstock Mining did not do its homework and now it is trying to buy and bully its way to a destructive dismantling and removing of the mountains around us, all the while saying it is a revitalization of our community.

County officials need to listen to the citizens that they represent and make long-term sustainable and responsible decisions.

Darlene Cobbey

Silver City

Social safety net isn’t government’s purview

On the front page of the Dec. 12 Appeal newspaper, Dean Heller was quoted as saying “ ... providing a safety net for those in need is one of the federal government’s most important responsibilities.”

Dean, that is not one of the most important responsibilities of the federal government. Its job is to establish justice (make laws, etc.), form a union, ensure domestic tranquility, and provide defense. The safety net for those in need should come from family, church and local government.

David Sheppard

Carson City

Columnist was wrong on tax-free purchases

Beware of Chuck Muth’s claim that Amazon.com purchases are tax-free. Individuals owe the tax; there’s just no strong mechanism for collecting.

We’ll check Chuck’s attitude about taxes when he’s eating prison food.

Russ Law

Carson City

Tea party lies in wait for ‘hot-button’ issue

Tis the season for political folly. The Tea Party wing of the Republican Party is toning down its rhetoric and message for next year’s elections. Do you really think Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sarah Palin, and the brainwashed Tea Party Republicans are going to change their thinking and agenda overnight? Ain’t going to happen, and you can be sure this group of political religious radicals will be lurking in the shadows just waiting to pounce on the next “hot-button” issue.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.


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