Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013

Wheeler actually understands that he answers to the voters

Every day people are complaining our elected politicians are not following what we the people want and ask for. They are elected to do our bidding, not theirs. Now we have a local man who says even though there might be something he finds very distasteful, if the people want it, that is the way he will vote. Wow!

At last someone who will do as we want but it seems that he is now being criticized for this because (oh, my!) he was not politically correct. If I want him to vote for slavery, then he should — even though he finds it one of the worst things he would have to do. At least he is not out trying to cheat taxpayers and digging up dirt like it seems his opponent is. Keep up the good work, Jim Wheeler.

Thelma Rogers


Douglas coach instills respect in 13-1 girls soccer team

My hat goes off to the new Douglas High school girls varsity soccer coach Jenny Jaggard, who with a record of 12 and 1 going in to the game against her rival Carson High sat most of her starters because they came late to practice. What does that tell you when she wins the game 1-0? It tells you she is not living vicariously through her players.

Ms. Jaggard is coaching more than soccer out on that field. She is coaching how to have respect for her teammates, her coaches, and the parents who help make a winning team happen. How impressive. I am happy to say Coach Vince Brown does the same thing. Thank you for instilling that into our youth.

Stan Heinrichs

Carson City


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