Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014

Amodei missed vote on unemployment

Congressman Amodei’s “emergency eye surgery” seems to conveniently allow him to not vote in favor of an unemployment extension. I was told in an email from one of the congressman’s staffers that Congressman Amodei did not participate in the vote on Feb. 7 due to emergency eye surgery. The vote total was one vote short from being passed. Clearly, the vast number of his constituents who are facing the end of their unemployment benefits would have preferred that he supported them. We respect the congressman and wish him the best of health, however, the timing seems a bit too convenient.

Since Sens. Reid and Heller supported the bill, he should also be voting in favor of the extension, which would allow people to continue to look for work and feed their families without the looming threat of hunger and homelessness to destroy their confidence. Scared people do not interview well. We believe Congressman Amodei should make a statement supporting unemployment extension while he continues to “heal” from his surgery.

Robert Schickling


10 years not enough for convicted killer

I find it interesting that after a recent shooting, our district attorney was in the press saying he would prosecute to the full extent of the law. But in another case where a man shot and killed a guy with a child present, he made a deal for the shooter to get a 10-year sentence, at which the district attorney stated justice was served.

Really? He gets a 10 year sentence, so he will be out in 7, maybe sooner. After 10 years, is the victim going to suddenly be walking around again? I think not. Ten years for a life is hardly justice.

Maybe we need a new district attorney. Maybe he should step down now before the next elections.

Rob Cobb

Carson City


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