Letters to the editor, Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014

McKenna gives his platform

Some politicians are attempting to use one issue to define the Carson City Supervisor races: The 1/8 percent sales tax increase and its impact on our downtown. While a small, but vocal group complains about this, in reality all projects cost less than $12 a year for the average Carson City household.

Some of the funds may be spent on downtown improvements. Downtown streets must be replaced in 2016 after crucial utility pipe replacement; it’s only prudent to make other improvements simultaneously.

Downtown changes are only part of the picture. The money raised will also fund the voter mandated Multi Athletic Complex (MAC), the much-needed new animal shelter, and improve the safety and appearance of our city’s north, south and east corridors.

There are many other vital issues that your Board of Supervisors will also address. As Supervisor, I continue to advocate for a lean, efficient government, to rebuild financial reserves, and create a business friendly environment. My private sector business experience brings needed financial skills to the table.

Major companies like Tesla are making huge investments in Northern Nevada. Now is the time to seize our new opportunities and invest in our city’s future. We all must plan for and embrace change if Carson City is to continue as a vibrant and economically sound community. It’s time for innovation, not stagnation. Carson City needs knowledgeable, strong leaders with practical ideas and the ability to create meaningful change. Your participation is important — please vote.

John McKenna

Supervisor Ward 3

Krueger states his case

Don’t be confused by attorney rhetoric. Here are the facts.

While the Sheriff’s Supervisory Association endorsed my opponent, this small association of 16 people also endorsed Bob White against our Sheriff Ken Furlong. This is not the majority view of law enforcement and does not include Sheriff Furlong or the Sheriff’s Deputies Association.

The Volosin case is being appealed to the entire Nevada Supreme Court. I have an excellent working relationship with Judge Wilson and respect him, but I disagree with his decision in this case. Our system allows for appeals. The decision needs to be heard by the entire Court; otherwise, the bar for detail will be too high, making it even harder for crimes of sexual assault against a child to be prosecuted. I successfully conducted a preliminary hearing on the Volosin case before a Justice of the Peace in Carson City. The victims testified under oath as to the dates and types of crimes that occurred. Based on that testimony, the complaint was amended to make it as specific as possible, and fully complied with Nevada law. Upon rehearing, we are asking the entire panel of Justices to consider these critical details.

There is obvious conflict between Noel Waters, Neil Rombardo, and my opponent. Mr. Rombardo replaced Mr. Waters as District Attorney. Do not be distracted by this conflict. I am running for District Attorney, and I bring experience to the table. I am the right candidate to fight for justice and to protect the citizens of Carson City. I would appreciate your vote.

Mark Krueger

Assistant District Attorney

Vote against Cegavske

To all current and future retirees from public service, when you head to the polls to vote for Secretary of State, please be aware and alert. Barbara Cegavske is not your friend. She is the Nevada Chairman for ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council.) Sound benign enough? Not.

ALEC is funded by major corporations and billionaires (can you say “Koch brothers?”). ALEC works behind the scenes (and closed doors) with certain legislators to write laws which will destroy your benefits and retirement. They also aim to restrict voter rights, which has actually caused some of their former corporate sponsors, such as Walmart and Coca Cola, to drop their membership because that just goes a bit too far even for them. ALEC “sponsors” right-leaning legislators to vacation at resorts where they “assist” them in writing legislation to strip workers of their right to fair wages, union representation and the retirements and benefits they have paid into. Check out the web site of Alecexposed.org. Look up the “Alec politicians” link. And there she is. Tellingly, I have not seen anything in her campaign literature about this little secret.

Please think long and hard before casting your vote. I’m not necessarily advocating for anyone else running for the position, but I will for sure vote AGAINST Cegavske. So should you. Just sayin’.

Linda Hoxsie

Carson City

Vote for Hansen

Arrogant, irresponsible, and unaccountable best describes Congressman Mark Amodei. Beginning with the first telephone call dated Aug. 15 to Amodei’s office in Reno, the Tea Party of Elko requested a town hall meeting/debate. His office workers proceeded to be evasive. I continued to email and call his office for a candidate debate/town hall meeting in Elko. His office proceeded to tell me how busy he was, yet would not produce a schedule of his appearances upon my request.

Amodei is too afraid to face the people in a town hall, so he capitulates to telephone town halls. Rather than debate, Amodei’s staff makes excuses for him under his direction.

Amodei is a RINO (Republican in name only), as he and Heck from Las Vegas betrayed the Republican Party and the American people when they voted not to repeal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which would have stopped Obama’s surge of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and federal funding of this unpopular legislation. Amodei does not vote on important issues, and when he does vote he votes with the Democrats 52 percent of the time.

For the first time in the history of Congress, a RINO, (Eric Cantor, Republican Majority Leader) was fired for voting for illegal immigration. An unknown economic professor with few funds beat Cantor’s $5 million campaign. Janine Hansen, a true conservative running for Congress, has few funds against Amodei’s war chest. As patriotic citizens, let’s fire Amodei and vote for Janine Hansen, the woman that Mark Amodei is too scared to debate.

Lana Noland


Before voting, look at animal shelter

Before you vote, can you just walk into our deplorable existing animal shelter. Then ask yourself, what has Abowd and McKenna done for this shelter in the last four years? They have put this project on the back burner and now they are just talking about this $27 million downtown project.

Just two months ago the animal shelter was priority over the 20/20 project.

What changed? Look at those animals’ eyes in the cages and ask yourself, can you trust the existing Board of Supervisors to move swiftly in getting them livable quarters?

To those ill informed at what Lisa Helget is saying about the Humane Society, she is asking the tough questions.

We do not want another embarrassing nationwide news update on another granny’s pet being killed. This is the capital of Nevada and our animal shelter is a disgrace. Are we supposed to elect candidate that have done nothing for our animal shelter in our city?

Stan Heinrichs

Carson City

Supports Abowd

I’m supporting Karen Abowd for Carson City Supervisor.

I have had the distinct pleasure of living and working in Carson City for more than 40 years. I’ve coached youth sports and been involved in numerous civic and charitable endeavors over the years. Like many I have served with, we believe that we live in a community where businesses can flourish and where families can enjoy our terrific quality of life. Our community has many pieces in its “fabric” and Karen Abowd understands that each of those characteristics have a part to play in what makes Carson City special.

Karen has a small business background, the vision, persistence and dedication to see a job through to its conclusion, but at her core is her belief in the special qualities of Carson City and its residents. As with most small business owners, Karen understands that to have a future, you have to plan for that future.

Karen sees, like many of us, that Carson City needs to be that historical, spirited community that invites our kids to return home to well-paying jobs and this special place to raise their families. I invite you to reaffirm that future for Carson City and join me in re-electing Karen Abowd as Carson City Supervisor.

Stephen D. Hartman

Carson City

O’Neill’s humane qualities

Maybe when we choose our elected officials, we should focus not only on their voting records, platforms, and all that “political stuff,” but additionally we should look at the human qualities of the candidate. Most of us would agree that how we treat our pets and all animals is a good measure of an individual’s character and his connection to life in general.

From 1984-1987 I had the opportunity to work with P.K. in his capacity as a handler of his own service dog (police dog/dope dog), Billy. At the same time, P.K. was helping develop a group of 25 handlers and their service dogs. The training, with an emphasis on handler professionalism in addition to the working ability of the dogs, included integrating agencies from the 11 western states and the USAF and U.S. Customs. Being a master of such a finely tuned machine as a service dog is a 24/7 job; very difficult and very, very rewarding.

At home, P.K. raised several Guide Dogs for the Blind’s Puppy program. Knowing P.K. O’Neill in this light for 30 years as a completely dedicated master and provider for his service dogs and personal pets, shows a part of him that most voters would not have seen.

Bob Gorrindo


Urges vote for Woodbury

I would like to comment on Jason Woodbury’s response to Neil Rombardo’s letter to the editor.

First of all, thank you, Jason, for giving credit and honor to my brother. If the trial in defense of Rick Albrecht wasn’t a “high profile murder case,” I can’t imagine what is!

Jason mentioned that he along with Anne Langer prosecuted that case. As someone who was present throughout the entire trial, I can tell you that Jason played a huge part in that trial. Not only did he put that murderer behind bars for life with no chance of parole, he did it with true respect and compassion for my family. Jason worked endlessly while displaying confidence and professionalism trying one of the most “high profile” cases Carson City has ever seen!

It was an unfortunate situation that brought me to know Jason Woodbury, but because of him my family will be forever grateful. I strongly urge all voters to put Jason Woodbury in office as Carson City’s next District Attorney.

Cathy Atchian

Carson City

Supports Knecht for Controller

As the Carson City Treasurer for the past 20 years with service in the state treasurer’s office before that, I know the qualifications and experience needed to be Nevada’s Controller. I support Ron Knecht for Controller because his background and plans for the office are ideal.

At Stanford’s graduate school, his studies included public finance and taxation policy. He has more than 40 years of experience in professional and management work as an economist and financial, policy and technical analyst — half in public service and half in private business. He has a law degree and professional engineering registration in California.

He’s served in elected and appointed office off and on over 40 years, including Nevada’s Legislature, always being a prudent limited-government conservative — just what we need for Controller. As a Regent for eight years, Ron Knecht has led the Audit and Budget & Finance Committees and been active on the Investment Committee, among others — also ideal for a Controller.

Ron Knecht will modernize Nevada’s ancient state finance, accounting and information technology system to cut the state’s costs of operations.

He’ll put the state checkbook on line so you can see how your tax money is being spent. And he’ll report regularly to us.

Al Kramer

Carson City

Settlemeyer supports O’Neill

P.K. O’Neill has put together key issues that affect all of Nevada: taxes, education, the sustainability of PERS, protection from exploitation of senior citizens, and veteran affairs. These are important issues, and having a grasp of these topics will let him hit the ground running. With his background,

I know PK will make an excellent legislator. His previous experience of working at the legislature gives him a leg up in this race. I will be working with P.K. O’Neill during the session to accomplish what is best for AD 40 and the state of Nevada. It is my pleasure to endorse PK O’Neill right in his bid to represent Assembly District 40.

James Settlemeyer

State Senator, District 17

Hansen says she’ll make your vote count

Are you disgusted with our representation in Congress? Congress has a 9 percent approval rating. It doesn’t matter if we elect Republicans or Democrats, the policies of Washington, D.C., don’t change. Congress has made themselves more irrelevant as Obama has wielded unprecedented power. The disastrous government policies on Ebola make this evident.

Almost without exception our leaders have betrayed us. Congressman Amodei voted not to repeal DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which has caused the crisis on the border. Eighty to 90 percent of those crossing the border are not little children, but teenage boys between 16 and 18 years old, the prime age for recruitment into cartel gangs. The government gives them a court date four years away and 94 percent don’t ever show up. Consider that terrorists and diseases of all kinds are pouring across our border making America unsafe.

Amodei failed to vote for H.R. 4138 which passed the House. It authorizes the House or Senate to bring a civil action against the president when he fails to enforce existing law, policy, program, regulation, or statute, in violation of the president’s constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the laws.

The president has repeatedly failed to enforce existing law and now governs by doing whatever he wants as the Congress sits by and does nothing. This is dangerous and undermines the security we all depend on, the rule of law.

Your vote is powerful. Don’t waste it! Make your vote count — vote Janine Hansen, Independent American for Congress, District 2.

Janine Hansen

Candidate for Congress, District 2

Voting for Laxalt

How sad that some of Adam Laxalt’s relatives stooped so low as to defame him publicly in an open letter (Nevada Appeal, Oct. 17). That these people would try to derail a young man’s political career makes you wonder, why? The individuals claiming his lack of experience, et. are his aunts and cousins. This leads me (and others) to suspect that it probably has something to do with money. That seems to make ordinary people do and say selfish and hateful things. Follow the money trail ...

I, for one, will vote for Adam Laxalt because we need a fresh voice for the office of Attorney General.

Arlene M. Larsen

Carson City


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