Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015

Supports Laxalt’s decision to join immigration lawsuit

The more our governor tries to explain his tax proposal, the more he sounds like “Obama Lite.” If he prevails, why would new businesses want to domicile here when Nevada will be just like other high-tax states? After all, the money raised is supposed to be “for the children.” Doesn’t that sound familiar?

I fear that more money funneled to the schools won’t make them better. We need to see some curriculum changes, emphasizing the basic skills, to see any improvement in student performance.

Additionally, we are being swamped with non-English speaking students, many of whom are illegal aliens.

I support Attorney General Laxalt’s efforts to join the state’s suit to stop this illegal influx and use of unconstitutional presidential powers. We cannot afford to feed, clothe, educate and provide medical care for them and their relatives.

Alicia Kittess

Carson City

Opinion page’s editorial cartoon ‘irresponsible’

The Feb. 1 political cartoon on the opinion page was in regards to girls being turned away from their high school proms for “immodest” dress based on their schools’ dress code policy. This was referred to as a result of Sharia law being imposed in the U.S.

I read everything I could find regarding the incidents in question and could not find one reference to Sharia law.

How irresponsible can you get? Such fatuous comments are only made to inflame ignorant people. Since the events in question happened at schools in Washington and Utah, I would be surprised to find even one Muslim on any of the school boards in question, but would not be at all surprised to find several Mormons and Christians involved in writing the dress code policies which were then interpreted by individuals (again, doubtfully Muslims) at the door.

A more appropriate statement would have been “Christian or Mormon law imposed on high school girls.”

Americans, question everything you read or hear from the media.

Donna N. Inversin

Carson City


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