City warns of coyotes on Carson City trails

The Carson City Parks and Recreation Department is warning trail users there have been more reported incidents of coyotes attacking dogs.

Scott Fahrenbruch, deputy director of the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department, said in a press release they are advising dog owners to keep dogs on a leash and to report any interactions with coyotes people may experience.

One woman wrote to the Nevada Appeal on Wednesday two of her dogs were killed recently by coyotes near the Riverview Dog Park. One was taken on Sept. 16, and the other had to be put down last week after a coyote attack.

“I watched in horror as a coyote jumped my fence and attacked my remaining dog,” Nancy Tiffany wrote the Appeal. “I ran out and forced the coyote to drop her but the animal showed no fear of me and only dropped my dog when I was almost touching it.”

“I am writing this letter to urge all residents to keep their dogs on a leash if they want to risk its life by walking in the park, be prepared to protect yourself as the coyotes have become habituated to people and do not fear them,” Tiffany added.

The Parks and Recreation department has been seeing incidents occur on trail in east Carson along the Riverview Park Wetlands trails, trails on Prison Hill, and the Long Ranch Estates north of King Street. Fahrenbruch advises citizens be aware and use particular caution in those areas.

Trail users are encouraged to be extra observant and alert regarding their pets at all times and to avoid early morning hours before dawn and around dusk or nighttime hours when walking dogs as those are key times for coyote activity. Stay in the open when walking dogs and avoid heavily vegetated and overgrown areas of sagebrush and trees that may be off the designated path.

For further information or to make a report, contact Fahrenbruch at 775-283-7340.


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