Carson City health inspections for July 13

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for July 13. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Black Bear Diner, 900 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Casino Fandango, bakery, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Casino Fandango, Bird Bar, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Casino Fandango, Butcher Shop, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Casino Fandango, Duke’s Steak House, bar and restaurant, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Casino Fandango, Shinsen Sushi, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Casino Fandango, sports bar, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Casino Fandango, warehouse, 3800 S. Carson St., 100 points.

EZ Market, 262 W. Winnie Lane, 100 points.

Golden Gate Gas, 2651 E. Highway 50, 100 points.

Kim’s Kool Treats, mobile ice cream vehicle, 100 points.

Princess Gift and Party Supply, 933 Woodside Drive, Suite 101, 100 points.

RK Food Mart, 500 Hot Springs Road, 100 points.

7-Eleven, 3701 N. Carson St., 99 points. Garbage storage container lids weren’t closed.

Casino Fandango, main kitchen, 3800 S. Carson St., 99 points. The floor wasn’t constructed of smooth, durable material or wasn’t in good repair.

Casino Fandango, Ti Amo Italian Grille, 3800 S. Carson St., 98 points. Some cold food wasn’t being maintained below 41 degrees.

Royal Inn, 1718 N. Carson St., 98 points. Some canned food had an expired use-by date, corrected on site.

Casino Fandango, Cabaret Lounge, 3800 S. Carson St., 96 points. Food-contact surfaces weren’t cleaned and sanitized after being contaminated. Bacterial growth was found inside the ice machine.

Ed’s Doghouse, 3300 Airport Road, 96 points. Non-service animals were found in the establishment.

Casino Fandango, Rum Jungle Buffet, 3800 S. Carson St., 95 points. A cooler was found at 51 degrees, warmer than the required 41 degrees or below.

Casino Fandango, video bar, 3800 S. Carson St., 95 points. A shared towel, as opposed to single-use paper towels, was being used to dry hands.

Wendy’s, 2555 N. Carson St., 90 points. Perishable food was being held above 46 degrees. Salad, dressing, milk and salsa in the front cooler were found at 61 degrees. The inspector noted employees weren’t washing their hands thoroughly or as often as necessary to remove contamination. An employee wasn’t wearing gloves to handle ready-to-eat food. After being corrected, the employee put on gloves without first washing his or her hands.

Casino Fandango, Palm Court Grill, 3800 S. Carson St., 85 points. Expired sliced pineapple, ham and deli meat were discovered in a cooler. Two coolers were holding food at 54 degrees. Another cooler was holding food between 45 and 55 degrees. Some food wasn’t labeled as required. Cloths used on food-contact surfaces weren’t clean, didn’t contain adequate sanitizer residual or weren’t being properly used. Sanitizer buckets weren’t set up within the kitchen line area. A leak was affecting storage of food in a cooler.


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