Past Pages for Wednesday, March 28, 2018

150 Years Ago

Accident at Cisco: A man named Joseph Barrett, employed at the railroad at Cisco, was run over and killed by the cars. His body was taken to San Francisco.

140 Years Ago

A stranger crossing the plaza to the northwest cannot fail to be struck with the architectural beauty and complete design of our county courthouse, nor fail to be impressed with the fact that it is unique in its ungainly, unattractive, elongated proportions, not to mention the awning and porch.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: There is another case of smallpox in Virginia City.

James Cavanaugh, a miner, was seriously and almost fatally injured by the premature explosion of a blast in the Hale and Norcross mine.

100 Years Ago

A change for women: George W. Place of Reno is looking for 150 women to settle in a new colony to be started on a new co-operative plan on an island south of Honolulu. He states that no money is needed by women to travel. He will furnish all information desired concerning the island and plan of colonization. In the new colony, the women will make and enforce all laws, have control of co-operative government and be allowed to say under what conditions men will be allowed to visit.

70 Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan hosted a dinner at their home on North Carson honoring Mrs. Emma Friend Amberg, who has been the inspiration of many lovely dinners and parties since arriving in Carson City. (Mrs. Emma Friend Amberg is the daughter of Charles Friend, meteorologist and owner of the observatory).

20 Years Ago

How to interview: To have a good interview you need to stand up straight, make eye contact, be pleasant, give a firm handshake at the start and end of the interview and wear appropriate clothing. “If you keep the positive in your head, you are going to do a much better job than worrying about not doing this, nor to that,” according to Peggy Childers, Kelly Temporary Services, branch manager.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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