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NV Energy boss: 50 percent renewables will be achieved 'well before 2030'

Doug Cannon said when talking to companies looking to move to Nevada, the utility hears three common themes: renewables, reliability of the energy supply and price.

Northern NV business leads, bankruptcy filings for August 2019

The information in these leads is drawn from public records sources, and information is gathered and published as a convenience to readers. Every effort is made to report accurate information.

New process aids sulfur oxidation at Hycroft Mine near Winnemucca

Hycroft Mining Corporation is currently in the final phases of proving a large-scale innovative two-stage sulfur ore oxidation process without the traditional method of using a mill, thus eliminating the need for hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to sustain the production of mining gold and silver at the mine near Winnemucca.

Ashley Maden / The Humboldt Sun

Hycroft Investor Relations and Corporate Communication Vice President Tracey Thom points out the various types of ore processed on the leach pad at Hycroft including Brimstone (white), central (darkest) and bay ore (back gray).

Ashley Maden / The Humboldt Sun

Each of the three phases of the crusher plant at Hycroft can be seen from the top of a Hilfiker wall with the primary crusher the closest, secondary in the middle and tertiary the furthest from the wall.

Ashley Maden / The Humboldt Sun

The Hilfiker wall that houses the primary crusher entry at Hycroft is a mechanically stabilized earth wall used in mining and dams and is one of the largest ones in North America used in mining.

Ashley Maden / The Humboldt Sun

The Merrill Crowe processing plant removes the precious metals from a cyanide solution by zinc precipitation following the heap leach process. The yellow piped de-aeration tower is where the pregnant solution is pulled into for further processing.

Ashley Maden / The Humboldt Sun

From left, Hycroft General Manager Nigel Bain, Assay Lab Technician Kathleen Ackerman and Assay Lab Lead Maria Mora present test columns for the cyanide leach process, allowing chemicals to be modified in smaller batches to monitor effects without doing so to an entire leach pad.

Ashley Maden / The Humboldt Sun

A Komatsu 530E haul truck exits the crusher pit after a Hitachi 5500 shovel fills the truck bed with crushed ore to be processed.

Boca Quarry expansion would increase mining load to 1 million tons per year

The project plans to open up the 118-acre West Pit for mining, increasing the maximum annual extraction from 100,000 tons to 1 million tons of aggregate with an extraction limit of 17 million tons over 30 years.

Courtesy Teichert

The site is located off West Hinton Road north of Interstate 80 about 30 minutes west of Reno and 15 minutes east of Truckee.

Thursday, August 29

Relief Canyon Mine construction underway; gold production expected soon

Pershing Gold Corporation recently handed over control of the mine to Americas Silver. No gold has been produced at the Relief Canyon Mine for almost 30 years according to

Courtesy Americas Silver Corp.

Ledcor Group is the contractor that will be hiring workers for the mining operation.

Courtesy Americas Gold and Silver

Pershing Gold Corporation recently handed over control of the mine to Americas Gold and Silver.

Trudy McClain new SVP at One Nevada Credit Union – NNBV people briefs, Aug. 2019

Northern Nevada Business View people briefs are published on a monthly basis and compiled from submissions emailed to the newsroom at

Hemp drives 21st century green rush in Carson Valley

Driven by the popularity of CBD, there are 10 hemp farms listed among those growing the new cash crop in Douglas County. But like any operation that relies on Carson Valley weather and complex supply chains, hemp growing can be a challenge.

Smart Money: Why companies should embrace financial wellness

All employees struggle with personal financial stress. This stress prevents most employees from achieving maximum work productivity. Lost work productivity results in a waste of over half a million dollars for an average company with 100 employees paid at $20 hour.

Wednesday, August 28

Nevada miners: Rising price of gold shouldn't force rash decisions

What a difference a year makes. In August 2018, gold was in total freefall, plummeting to a low of $1,176 an ounce. By mid-August 2019, the yellow metal rallied to crack the $1,500-an-ounce threshold, driven upward by low interest rates, continued global trade and geopolitical tensions, and plunging market yields.

Courtesy Nevada Gold Mines

Greg Walker, executive managing director of Nevada Gold Mines, says the price of gold shouldn’t determine a miner’s approach to the mining business.

Veterans Guest House serving veterans, families for 25 years (nonprofit spotlight)

Our mission has never wavered. We provide qualified United States military service veterans and their families temporary overnight accommodations while they are receiving treatment at any medical facility in the Reno/Sparks area.

Smart Money: Recognizing the increasing risk of retirement investing

While Otto von Bismarck may have pioneered a public-sponsored retirement plan in 1889, it wasn't until Franklin Roosevelt penned the Social Security Act in 1935 that the idea of retirement for Americans came into being. Ever since, Americans have envisioned, then celebrated, reaching the stage between work and death — retirement.

TRIC owners planning huge new industrial park in Fernley

The owners of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center are in the process of buying up to 20,000 acres of land in Lyon County to create a new industrial park, the details of which, including sale price and seller information, are unknown.

Courtesy Lance Gilman

Up to 20,000 acres in Lyon County is proposed as a new industrial park to succeed the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, which would share a boundary.

Tuesday, August 27

After management overhaul, Nevada Copper ready for Pumpkin Hollow production

The journey to commercial production hasn't been without its changes for the company. In 2018, Nevada Copper overhauled its senior management, bringing in former Barrick and Rio Tinto senior executive Matt Gili as president and chief executive officer.

Courtesy Nevada Copper Corp.

Nevada Copper expects to commission its copper processing facilities in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Courtesy Nevada Copper Corp.

Ore mined from Pumpkin Hollow underground operations is hauled to the surface in this muck bucket.

Courtesy Nevada Copper Corp.

Construction of the headframe and main shaft at Nevada Copper's Pumpkin Hollow mine began in 2012. The company is expected to enter commercial production later this year.

Six things to know about surviving the dreaded IRS audit

If you're facing an audit, the best approach is to understand the process, why your return was audited, what your rights and responsibilities are, and how you can appeal the findings. Here are six things to know.

Photo: Getty Images

Your return may be more likely to be audited if you are self-employed, receive much of your income in tips or run a cash-intensive business.

The Village on Sage is open, welcoming 216 people home (nonprofit spotlight)

The Village on Sage Street aspires to offer those who are struggling to afford rent in Reno with a safe, secure place to call their own, on their way to permanent housing. The Community Foundation took on unprecedented roles to make this project happen in just 15 months.

Photo: Marcello Rostagni Photography

Chris Askin is CEO of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

Photo: Chris Holloman / Reno Tahoe Photography

The Village on Sage Street Leadership Team, from left: Chris Askin, Community Foundation of Western Nevada; Pat Cashell, Volunteers of America; Allison Gorelick, Gorelick Real Estate Advisors; Par Tolles, Tolles Development Company; Roy Halliburton, Q & D Construction; and Steve Aichroth, Nevada Housing Division.

Inheriting a business? Here's how to ensure a successful transition

Many business owners don't have formal succession plans — or any plans to transition their firm to a new generation. This can leave their companies — and, in many cases, their family's most valuable asset — at risk as the incoming generation takes the reins.

Monday, August 26

In $13 million deal, sale of 107,338 sq. ft. industrial space closes in south Reno

SVN Gold Dust Managing Director Tomi Jo Lynch, CCIM, and Daniel Buhrmann of CBRE co-listed the property — known as Turner Air Crossing, located at 4690 Longley Lane — and represented the seller, TREF Reno, LLC, in the transaction that closed July 31.

Support obligations arising from a divorce miniseries: alimony

Alimony may either be awarded in a lump sum or through periodic payments over time, usually monthly payments. Alimony, when paid periodically, will generally be set to last a specific duration.

Looking to sell your business? Consider these most negotiated deal points

Once negotiations reach the stage of a definitive agreement, many new issues can arise that maybe were not initially contemplated.

Photo: Shutterstock

When selling your business, it is important to use leverage when it exists.

Joining forces: What does the Newmont-Barrick Gold mega merger mean for Nevada's mining future?

Nevada Gold Mines Executive Managing Director Greg Walker, who started with Barrick in 2002, has seen his share of failed merger discussions over the years. Just this year, Barrick tendered an $18 billion stock offer to acquire Newmont outright. That plan, like many others, was scuttled — but with so many assets and ore bodies in proximity, it didn't take a crystal ball to see that pooling those assets could increase value and extend mining capabilities.

Courtesy Nevada Gold Mines

Underground mining continues at Nevada Gold Mines' Cortez Mine.

Photo: Joshua Borough

Newmont's Twin Creeks open pit mine in Humboldt County was one of many assets folded into the Nevada Gold Mines joint venture, which became official July 1 and merged Barrick Gold Corporation and Newmont Goldcorp Corporation into one company.

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In $625,000 deal, Battle Born Tree Service buys new headquarters

The $625,000 deal included a low-interest SBA 504 loan facilitated by Nevada State Development Corp., the state's largest SBA 504 loan provider. City National Bank partnered in the financing package.

Courtesy Facebook

Battle Born Tree Service staffers take a beak while working on a project in 2018.

Nevada State Bank: Don't make these 7 major small business loan mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when applying for small business financing is applying for the wrong kind of loan. Be sure to explore all the options available to you.

Photo: Shutterstock

Businesses must often choose between “needs’ and “wants.”

Photo: Shutterstock

Remember — your business banker can be a great source of information about which loans you should pursue.

CA real estate: Median home price at $607,990 in July; 4th straight month above $600K

After setting record prices for the past three months straight, the median price pulled back from June's $610,720 but still registered higher than the previous year. July's median price was $607,990, down 0.4% from June and up 2.8% from $591,230 in July 2018, marking the fourth straight month that the median price remained above $600,000.

NV commission approves major fee hike for Tahoe piers, buoys

State Lands Administrator Charlie Donahue was joined by Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton, Sen. Julia Ratti and other Democrats who pointed out that the current pier fee is just $50 a year, and $30 for a buoy, fees that haven't been increased in 23 years.

Thursday, August 22

East Coast auto parts retailer expanding to Reno, to fill 100 jobs

Rick Green, CEO of 1A Auto, announced this week the company has signed a 5-year lease at a new 150,000-square-foot fulfillment facility on Moya Boulevard in Reno. The online auto parts retailer plans to hire a minimum of 100 employees to execute customer orders for auto parts and same day shipping.

Courtesy 1A Auto

1A Auto, based on the East Coast, expanded in 2019 into this 150,000-square-foot fulfillment facility on Moya Boulevard in Reno. The company was one of 22 honored Thursday evening, Dec. 12.

Reno panel to address infrastructure needs amid major population growth

"Nevada leads the nation in population growth and Washoe County experienced a 1.6% growth rate last year — over 8,000 new residents now call this area home. And this trend is not expected to end anytime soon.

Carole Brill

Carole Brill, Northern Nevada CCIM President, says the panelists will look at the Reno-Sparks region's recent growth as an "opportunity to proactively prepare."

Officials: Nevada job growth fastest in nation for 10th straight month

Across Reno-Sparks, riding the boom in construction and expansion at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, only 9,200 were looking for work in a pool of 266,900. The Reno-Sparks unemployment rate is at 3.4 percent as of July.

How to navigate the minefield of Nevada employment law

One of the most common pitfalls employers stumble on is failing to recognize the impact of their size on the employment law with which they must comply. For many federal and state employment laws, a business' size matters.

Photo: Shutterstock

Knowing the ins and outs of Nevada’s employment laws, while time consuming, will pay your company back in dividends.

Wednesday, August 21

GNCU: Reassess your student loan debt now to better reach your future goals

First and foremost, make sure you know the specifics of your current student loan. If you sign up for your loan and never review your options, you may be leaving money on the table.

Photo: Shutterstock

Don’t let student loan debt dictate how you live your life financially.

SpineNevada to celebrate 15th anniversary Aug. 26

Dr. James Lynch and Joseph Olivarez, PA-C, were two of the first employees of the private practice, according to the release; Dr. Lynch and Olivarez still work together today, along with 140 other employees.


Dr. James Lynch founded SpineNevada in 2004 in Reno.

Reno's MYNT Cannabis donates $11,000 to Operation Backpack

The annual fundraiser by Volunteers of America Northern California & Northern Nevada, which ran July 15 through August 2, provides thousands of backpacks, grade specific school supplies, and a variety of support services to homeless, at-risk and foster children from pre-school to high school levels throughout the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento Area and Reno regions.

Six key areas small business owners should focus on to maintain control

How do you stay on track and help your business live up to its potential? Here are six areas that are critical to establishing a solid foundation for growth.

Photo: Shutterstock

Remember — if you run a cash-only business, you’re at a higher risk of loss due to theft.

Tuesday, August 20

Four tips to help entrepreneurs respond to negative online reviews

Word of mouth has long been key to small business success, and online reviews provide a new, relevant channel to do so. That said, while more respondents say online reviews are more helpful than not, there is also awareness of the damage a negative write-up can have.

Photo: Shutterstock

In this modern era, there’s pretty much no stopping reviews from being posted online about business. How you respond to them is crucial.

Reno contractors, builders partner with STEP2 for 4 cottage makeovers

According to nonprofit STEP2, the program being overseen by the Builders Association of Northern Nevada helps revitalize homes on STEP2's campus at 3700 Safe Harbor Way in Reno, which are being used by area women who are recovering from chemical dependency.

Courtesy STEP2

The made-over cottages will be unveiled Sept. 20.

Courtesy STEP2

Volunteers from STEP2 and local companies are partnering to remodel four cottages at STEP2’s campus at 3700 Safe Harbor Way in Reno.

EDAWN's Arts & Business Luncheon to honor 10 winners Sept. 12

The luncheon and awards presentation will take place Sept. 12 at the Silver Legacy Resort from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 pm. The event is presented in partnership with the city of Reno, city of Sparks, Sierra Arts Foundation and University of Nevada, Reno College of Liberal Arts.

Monday, August 19

Reno Public Market: Full demolition will begin in October

Demolition will be completed in three phases: asbestos abatement, interior demolition and exterior demolition. The first two phases have already begun inside the 150,000-square-foot retail location formerly known as Shoppers Square; the first visual of outside demolition will be in early October on the northwest corner of the project.

Courtesy Reno Public Market

The Reno Public Market site plan.

Courtesy Reno Public Market

A look at what the new Reno Public Market will look like come next year.

Courtesy Reno Public Market

A look at what's set to be demolished as part of the Reno Shoppers Square project.

Construction wraps on 271,000 sq. ft. Longley Commerce Center

The development offers flex units ranging from 8,400 sq. ft. up to 16,800 sq. ft. and bulk industrial units from 24,000 sq. ft. to 218,775 sq. ft. The project features 30-foot clear heights in all suites, ESFR sprinklers, LED lighting, and build-to-suit office space.

Courtesy Panattoni Development

Longley Commerce Center is owned by Longley Commerce Center, LLC, a joint venture between Markaz and Panattoni Development.

Courtesy Panattoni Development

The Class A industrial building is located at 6550 Longley Lane in South Reno.

After 21 years, Montrêux pulls plug on Barracuda Championship

"We evaluated the financial impact on our Club, as well as the impact on our facilities, our members and Montrêux homeowners, and came to the conclusion that it was in our best interests not to enter into a new agreement to host the tournament," said Tim Slapnick, president of the Montrêux board.

Courtesy Facebook

Montreux Golf & Country Club, host of the Reno-Tahoe Open since 1999, is located at 18077 Bordeaux Drive in Reno.

$4.5M Nevada Historical Society building swap with UNR approved

In the trade, the state gets what used to be the Reno Gazette Journal building, now known as the Warren Nelson Building, at 401 W. Second St. in downtown Reno. The university wants the existing historical society building next to the Planetarium for office space and also gets two undeveloped parcels nearby that are next to university property.

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Politicians, business leaders gather in Yerington to talk Walker River Corridor

Government officials attending the summit included Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall, Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen (District 32), Mineral County Commissioner Chris Hegg, Mineral County District Attorney Sean Rowe, and Lyon County Manager Jeff Page.

Walker River

The Walker River Corridor in Mineral County includes the newly-formed Walker River State Recreation Area.

Abbi Agency among 4 Reno businesses to make Inc. Magazine's top-5,000 list

The agency celebrates its 10th anniversary in October, according to a press release, which notes that inclusion on top-5,000 list indicates that "The Abbi Agency is not only one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, but also one of Nevada's top privately-owned economic performers."

Thursday, August 15

11,000 sq. ft. retail/dining space breaks ground at Sky Vista in North Valleys

The future building will feature 10,899 square feet of mixed retail space, including an available restaurant footprint with an outdoor patio. Construction began in June and is estimated to be complete by February 2020.

Courtesy Capstone Advisors

Concrete pours for the building slab are anticipated in mid-August. Work will then “go vertical."

Courtesy Capstone Advisors

Construction is estimated to be complete by February 2020.

Courtesy Capstone Advisors

Construction on the retail site in the North Valleys began in June.

$2.4 million in workforce development equipment to stay with Nevada colleges

More than $2.4 million in state-funded equipment previously authorized for workforce development programs at Nevada colleges will remain with the schools, the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced this week.

Nevada AGC's Women in Construction donate supplies to Lemelson STEM Academy

Over 20 companies and individuals donated everything from backpacks, pencils and notebooks to tissues and cleaning supplies. Members of the Nevada AGC WICC presented the supplies on Aug. 9 to students and faculty at Lemelson STEM Academy, which is located at 2001 Soaring Eagle Drive in Reno.

Courtesy Don Vetter

The Aug. 9 school supply drive at Lemelson STEM Academy was a big success.

Courtesy Don Vetter

Members of the Nevada AGC Women in Construction group help deliver school supplies on Aug. 9 to Lemelson STEM Academy in Reno. In the photo, third from left, is Vice Principal Michon Pincolini. Second from right is Principal Susan Novelli.

Tahoe's Carol Chaplin to chair Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority board

Carol Chaplin has worked as president/CEO of the Lake Tahoe and Tahoe Douglas Visitors authorities since 2008.

Wednesday, August 14

Millennials take over Grocery Outlet in Carson City

Owners of Carson City's Grocery Outlet Bargain Market since June 28, entrepreneurial millennials Tommy and Kaley Basham are settling in nicely while busily making changes to update and upgrade the store giving it their personal touch.

Photo: Ronni Hannaman

Tommy and Kaley Basham assumed ownership of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on North Carson Street on June 28.

$7.5 million project begins to fix truck-caused ruts on I-80 at Donner Summit

I-80 is the main thoroughfare between Reno and the Bay Area, with businesses throughout the greater Reno-Tahoe-Truckee region relying on smooth travel for regional truckers to deliver goods and supplies across the year.

Courtesy Caltrans

A map of the Donner Summit pavement project, beginning Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019.

United Federal Credit Union donates $10,000 to Washoe school district

United Federal Credit Union's Nevada team recently donated $10,000 to the Washoe County School District as part of the district's annual Back to School administrator event.

Carson City hotel-motel transient tax discount eliminated

The discount dates to 2005 and let lodging businesses apply a 2 percent discount if taxes were remitted by the 15th of each month. But the plan was never approved by the Board of Supervisors as required, according to the DA's opinion.

Tuesday, August 13

Nevada OKs $86.9 million to upgrade HR/finance computer systems

Paul Nicks, who is heading the so-called "Smart 21" project, said the first meeting with the contractor was set for Monday. He said the tentative plan is to have the non-payroll portion of the HR system up and running Jan. 1, 2021, and the payroll portion online by January 2022.

Canadian resilience expert, coach Mark Black to keynote Aug. 23 WIN breakfast

Black — a heart and double lung transplant recipient who's since run four marathons — will help attendees find ways to improve their personal and professional lives and create their own roadmap to resilience.

Nevada State Bank donates $1,400 at Reno school supplies drive

Nevada State Bank donated $1,400 and school supplies to Communities In Schools of Western Nevada during the nonprofit's "Fill the Bus" school supplies drive event on Aug. 2 in Reno.

Monday, August 12

Nevada's 4th hemp harvest begins; industry has grown 600 percent since '17

Ashley Jeppson, Plant Industry division administrator for the Nevada Department of Agriculture, said the state's hemp industry started with just 26 growers — now, there are 207 certified growers, 53 handlers and 37 seed producers.

Courtesy Nevada Hemp Association

A look at a previous hemp harvest at a Nevada farm.

In $1.8M deal, Advanced Countertop Design buys new HQ in Sparks

The new location is at 475 E. Greg St., Units 109, 111 and 113, in Sparks, according to an Aug. 9 news release from the Nevada State Development Corporation, which helped finance the transaction in partnership with Heritage Bank of Nevada.

Courtesy Advanced Countertop Design

Advanced Countertop Design performs residential and commercial installations across the region, like this kitchen remodel that's featured on the company website.

Reno's LUX dynamics breaks ground on new building; 50 new jobs expected

The 51,050-square-foot tilt-up building will be located within blocks of the existing LUX dynamics corporate headquarters at 1350 Capital Blvd. When the facility is complete, LUX reportedly will have capacity to expand its team of 48 to upwards of 100 employees.

Courtesy United Construction

An overview of the new LUX dynamics location in Reno.

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Granite Construction Supply and Sign Shop to open Elko location

The company will celebrate the new shop with a grand opening celebration at 11:30 a.m. on Aug. 22. The public is invited to join for food, drinks, giveaways and raffle prizes.

Courtesy Google

Exterior view of the shop at 4300 Idaho St. in Elko, from August 2018.

Report shows growth in small businesses across Tahoe region

In Nevada County, the Sierra Small Business Development Center served 170 clients and saw eight new businesses start between January and June. This led to $18.6 million in capital infusion into the county.

Snowpack, lake clarity among major threats to Lake Tahoe's ecological future

During the past 107 years, daily air temperatures measured in Tahoe City have increased. The average daily maximum temperature has risen by 2.25 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average daily minimum temperature has risen by 4.43 degrees.

Courtesy UC Davis

The annual state of the lake report noted that the percentage of snow in total precipitation recorded last year was 31.5%, which is almost identical to 2017, but down compared to 100 years ago when it was closer to 50%

Thursday, August 8

BlackRidge Technology leases new downtown Reno office space

Among other things, BlackRidge Technology develops, markets and supports products that provide cybersecurity solutions for protecting enterprise networks and cloud services.

Courtesy Basin Street Properties

The new office is located at the 200 South Virginia building in downtown Reno.

Restaurants, farms partner for Reno's first-ever Local Food Week

The week kicks off Sunday, Aug. 11, with a community garden tour at St. Mary's Community Garden, and it culminates with a farm tour and picnic at Betsy Caughlin Donnelley Park.

Courtesy logo

Growing NV's mission is to connect Northern Nevada's local food system to the hearts, minds and bellies of the community.

Sparks-based HR firm rebrands as Ace Workforce Technologies

The move, announced Aug. 2, was done to "better reflect the full breadth of human resource management tools the firm offers," according to a news release.

Wednesday, August 7

Photo: Maria Ostlin

Thomas Erikson is author of “Surrounded by Idiots.”

In nearly $1 million deal, storage company buys buildings in Fernley

Including minor tenant improvements, the transaction was valued at $989,400, according to an Aug. 2 news release from the Nevada State Development Corporation, which assisted with the finance package.

Downtown Reno Partnership hires Nathan Digangi as economic development manager

According to an Aug. 1 press release provided by Foundry, Digangi will work alongside the partnership's executive director, Alex Stettinski, to bring new business and development leads to downtown Reno.

Tuesday, August 6

34 Nevada mine operators to earn 2019 safety awards

The awards "celebrate Nevada's mining operations that make an extraordinary effort to ensure that all miners return home safely after every shift." In all, 34 mine operators will be recognized during an awards luncheon at the NvMA's annual convention, set for Sept. 7 at Lake Tahoe.

Nevada Builders Association unveils nonprofit foundation

The Nevada Builders Foundation was formerly known as the Women's Council. The foundation's working group primarily consist of female leaders within the construction industry.

Reno honors Downtown Reno Partnership's Grant Denton with citizen award

Grant Denton is currently the Operations Manager for the Downtown Reno Partnership, but it's the unique path that he's taken to get to this point that makes his personal journey so inspirational.

Courtesy city of Reno

At 24 years old, Grant Denton reportedly started a family, but due to his drug addiction, he eventually lost everything.

Courtesy city of Reno

Grant Denton, front row left, was honored at the July 31 Reno City Council meeting.

DoughBoys Donuts newest Reno Business Recognition Program recipient

According to the city, DoughBoys Donuts makes it a priority to support the community; the business has bolstered a number of schools, nonprofit organizations, Little Leagues and community events through sponsorships and donations.

Courtesy city of Reno

DoughBoys Donuts owners Jay Kenny, Jennifer Kenny and family were honored by city council at the July 31 meeting.

Monday, August 5

Reno event to offer free social media, PR advice to local businesses

Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with local professionals who will give free advice and share valuable insight designed to help businesses meet their unique communications goals.

Merlot Marketing expands to Northern Nevada with Gardnerville office

According to a news release, the Sacramento office employs a team of 10 "with a Strategic Alliance Network of 25," and plans to hire three new team members in the Gardnerville office this year.

Photo: Kurt Hildebrand

Matt Brubeck poses with the new Gardnerville and Main Street Gardnerville sign on Monday in downtown Gardnerville.

Main Street Gardnerville hires new director, first from out of state

Founded in 2008, Main Street Gardnerville is both the first and the only official Main Street program in Nevada. It sponsors several events during the course of the year, including the Third Thursday Wine Walks, Main Street Fall Fest the Freedom 5K Fun Run and the New Years Eve Labyrinth Walk.

Sunday, August 4

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Friday, August 2

In $37.55 million deal, Reno's Skyline Canyon Apartments sold to California company

Marcus & Millichap recently announced the sale of Skyline Canyon Apartments, a 204-unit apartment complex in Reno, for $37.55 million. The deal equates to $184,069 per unit for the complex located at 3300 Skyline Blvd., Reno.

State of the Lake: Climate change continues to impact Tahoe, scientists say

The 2019 Tahoe: State of the Lake report presents data from 2018 regarding lake clarity, temperature, snowpack, invasive species, algae, nutrient loads and more, all in the context of the long-term record.

Courtesy Brant Allen / UC Davis TERC

A look from above at Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay.

Lakeside development on hold in Kings Beach at Lake Tahoe

The project came before the Planning Commission after the North Tahoe Regional Advisory unanimously recommended denial of the project at its July 11 meeting.

Courtesy Placer County

A rendering of the lakeside redevelopment project. The project will demolish the existing motels, the Gold Crest and the Ferrari Crown, and construct residential units.

Thursday, August 1

Peter Bernhard

Peter Bernhard

Renown Health, Anthem reach new contract deal at zero hour

According to an Aug. 1 news release provided by Renown Health, "the agreement protects affordability and provides Anthem members with continued in-network access to all Renown hospitals and physicians."

Secret Witness turns 40 this year – here's how Northern NV businesses play a major role in funding rewards

Northern Nevada businesses — banks, car dealerships, construction companies and more — sponsor Secret Witness with lifetime commitments of $10,000, meaning only after Secret Witness has been successful in solving a crime do businesses get billed for their proportional amount of the organization's annual expense.

Graphic: Kyler Klix

In addition to these options, you can also download the Secret Witness app for Android or iPhone devices.

File photo

Secret Witness played a crucial role in the arrest and conviction of the man who made death threats against former Carson City Judge John Tatro (pictured).

Graphic: Kyler Klix

Secret Witness has been responsible for thousands of solved crimes across Northern Nevada the past 40 years.

Photo: Kaleb M. Roedel

Patricia Quick holds a framed photo of her daughter, Holly, walking across Stone Mountain in Georgia during a family vacation. “It looks like she’s walking off the edge of the earth,” Quick said. “On her way to heaven.”

Photo: Kaleb M. Roedel

Patricia Quick, left, and her sister, Brenda Glenn, pose in a field of sunflowers in Reno while holding framed pictures of Patricia’s daughter, Holly, who was killed in September 2006.